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There are few things snowmobilers like less than being cold while riding. Plus, if your wife or girlfriend gets a chill while out on the trail, your day is pretty much shot!

One of the most effective and affordable ways we’ve discovered of combating the cold is with Arctiva’s Insulator sock.

This isn’t a plain old ordinary gym sock. It’s made from Merino wool so you know its going to keep your toes toasty and its Coolmax lined to wick away moisture to keep your feet dry.

The thing that’s unique about the design is its multi-panel make-up. Oddly, its more fitted than an ordinary sock and actually stay up so it doesn’t bunch up or slide down leaving skin exposed or causing discomfort while you’re focusing on the blur of pine trees whizzing past you.

We’ve worn the Insulator socks in minus twenty-Celsius temperatures (-4 F) on 100-mile rides without experiencing any discomfort. When paired with a good boot, you can rest assured your feet will stay warm.

Pair these socks with an Insulator jersey and pants for the ultimate protection from the cold in sub-zero temperatures.

Visit to find your perfect combination.

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