KLIM F3 Carbon Pro Helmet ECE

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The KLIM F3 Carbon Pro Helmet ECE represents a new level in snowmobile helmet engineering redefining conventional notions of lightweight and safety and has been engineered to reduce fatigue and enhance comfort during every ride by integrating cutting-edge technologies to provide unparalleled protection and performance.

At the core of its design is Koroyd, which is an energy-absorbing material engineered to revolutionize impact protection. Unlike traditional materials, Koroyd uniformly crushes upon impact, effectively decelerating energy in a controlled manner to ensure superior impact absorption.

Constructed with ultralight hand-laid carbon fiber, the F3 Carbon Pro Helmet strikes a balance between strength and weight to ensure optimal shell thickness and resin distribution, resulting in a helmet that is not only one of the lightest in its class but also among the safest.

The helmet’s visor is designed to enhance field of view while simultaneously improving aerodynamics and strength and its extra-large eye port provides maximum vision for the wearer. It also features a Fid-lock quick-release strap to ensure hassle-free helmet removal and its high-efficiency ventilation system, comprised of 13 intake vents and 6 exhaust vents, optimizes airflow for enhanced comfort during extended rides.

With its innovative technologies, meticulous construction, and emphasis on rider comfort, the KLIM F3 Carbon Pro Helmet represents a new level in helmet design and offers snowmobilers the assurance that they’ll be protected and comfortable on every ride.

For more information visit KLIM.COM

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