Ski-Doo Vibe Communication System

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The advancement of multi-media displays on today’s snowmobiles has had a dramatic impact on the way people enjoy snowmobiling. In fact, displays now rank as one of top five considerations for a new snowmobile purchase.

The way in which a rider interacts with the display and its ease of operation also plays a critical role. Ski-Doo is aware of this and has worked hard on improving its communication pairing technology between a rider’s helmet and its 10.25-inch Touchscreen Display.

Built in partnership with Sena, the Vibe Communication System is an advanced integrated helmet communication system specifically designed for demanding winter conditions.

With up to 8 hours of battery life in -20C weather, you can chat, listen and ride worry-free all day long. The Vibe open mesh system allows the choice of 9 channels so you can keep the conversation going between your riding crew without interruption on a range up to 1.6 km.

One click is all it takes to connect the Vibe Communication System to your phone or vehicle display and enable a line of communication between your entire riding group.

While the Ski-Doo Advex Helmet is purposely designed to seamlessly accept the Vibe Communication System to the side of the helmet, the product specialists at Ski-Doo have improved the versatility of the Vibe Communication System which now expands to fit all helmets offer by Ski-Doo for 2025.

Rapid charging capability ensures the Vibe Communication System is at full capacity and ready to ride whenever you are. When using the Advex Radiant Helmet, riders can pair the Ski-Doo exclusive E-LinQ accessory system and the Vibe Communication System will be constantly powered so you can chat, listen, and ride all day.

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