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A battery’s just a battery, right? Not necessarily and here’s why.

In most cases when you buy your offroad vehicle with battery installed, the battery acid has been filled up and subjected to a short absorption period and then at a high amperage charge to get it to working voltage level.

Unfortunately, what they don’t tell you is that this process has already caused irreparable damage to some of the internal components of the battery, specifically affecting the battery’s ability to deliver maximum cranking amps.

This is the primary reason most battery manufacturers don’t offer lengthy replacement guarantees. With proper charge though, a lead-acid battery should last up to, and sometimes beyond, a decade.

BRS Batteries are built with highest quality components and each battery is custom prepped before delivery. How good are BRS batteries? So good that they stand by an unprecedented full 10-year warranty. By taking the time to properly and safely charge their batteries at low amperages before any of them are sent out. Seems simple, right?

Although this is a “Batteries for Dummies” explanation, the process BRS uses really works and that’s why we use BRS Batteries.

Matt Lester
Matt Lester
Matt Lester is an Account Manager for Dirt Trax TV. He is also a Contributing Editor and Guest Correspondent on the show focusing on tourism & adventure segments.

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