MBRP Performance Exhausts for The Arctic Cat ZR 600 CATALYST

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When it comes to modern day snowmobiles, maximizing horsepower and shaving weight is the name of the game.

While snowmobile manufacturers go to painstaking lengths to squeeze every available ounce of horsepower out of engines; engineers have their hands tied when it comes to shedding the weight from emission regulated exhaust systems.

This is where aftermarket exhaust companies like MBRP can play a pivotal role in dropping significant pounds while increasing performance with modest horsepower gains along with delivering a crisper throttle response and an overall better sounding package.

MBRP’s latest performance exhausts are for the highly anticipated and sought after Arctic Cat 600 C-TEC2 engine in the CATALYST chassis. The exhausts are constructed from T304 stainless steel and are Tig welded. The Race and Trail exhausts are also fitted with laser cut brackets for precise fit, thereby making it easy to slip the exhaust into place using hand tools and existing exhaust springs.

The RACE exhaust (P/N: 2390316), featuring a more aggressive sound is targeted to closed course racing and mountain riding applications. It relies solely on the performance exhaust core and sheds an impressive 16 pounds from the stock muffler while increasing horsepower by an additional 3 HP.

The TRAIL Exhaust (P/N: 239T114), with its more moderate and trail-friendly tone has an additional chamber core compared to the Race exhaust and shaves off 12 pounds while delivering a 1 horsepower increase.

While evaluating the TRAIL exhaust our test riders commented on the crisper throttle response that really comes to life past three quarter throttle along with the signature and pleasing MBRP exhaust note that enhances the deeper tone of the 600 C-TEC2.

MBRP prides itself on high performance exhausts that stand up to the harshest environments and offers a 2-year full coverage warranty on all its snowmobile exhausts.

For more information on MBRP’s full line of products visit mbrp.com

Vern Putzer
Vern Putzer
Vern Putzer is the Producer of SNOWTRAX TV and is also a Contributing Editor and Guest Correspondent on the show.

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