What Sled Should I buy?!

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Dear Motorhead:

First of all, I love SnowTrax. Awesome job this season!

My wife and I are looking into upgrading to newer sleds. We currently own two late 90 polaris sleds – one being a two up.

We are thinking 4-strokes, but wonder if the are really better than a 2-stroke for the price.

We are average riders and aren’t looking for speed and high performance, just easy handling, comfort and reliability.

Any help and advice you can give me on which to choose would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



Thanks for your email!

Okay, the first thing you should try to determine in your purchase selection is what brand has a dealer which you 1) Like and 2) is close enough to be convenient when you need support.

I know this sounds elementary but the relationship you have with the dealer will be the foundation of your purchase experience no matter what brand Snow Bullet you buy.

Second, what do you do most with a sled? Trail ride, tour overnight, ride lakes fast, two-up or powder ride.

Here’s the real deal. 4-strokes are good on gas and offer lots of power selections but they are virtually all heavy (er) . Does this concern you?
New SDI or DI 2 strokes are lighter, DI’s are MORE fuel efficient than 4 strokes and are often cheaper to buy and simpler to maintain.

However, resale on 4 strokes appears to be about 15% higher than 2 strokes – however initial cost is too.

The 600 class right now seems to meet many buyers needs head on. Look for a single rider, “cruiser” segment sled like a Polaris 600 LX, Yamaha Vector LTX, Arctic Cat Z-1 LX-R or a Ski-Doo GSX.

Most of these sleds offer longer tracks for bridging moguls and an improved ride as well as common sense features like higher windshields and heated everything – some have heated seats as well. Some come in both 2 and 4 stroke power variants.

These sleds will be covered in an upcoming Snowtrax segment this season and are currently covered in detail in SUPERTRAX Magazine – our international snowmobile title.

I would suggest these are good places to start.

Motorhead Mark

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