600 EFI, 600 ETEC or 900 ACE?

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Dear Motorhead –

I am planning to buy a new Renegade and I have been watching your videos on youtube – thank you.

I am trying to determine which engine is best for me – 600 EFI or the 900 ACE.

I mostly ride in trails and considering the power to weight ratio, I would think the performance (power) would be the same.

Since you have ridden both, could you please comment?

Thank you,


Thanks for your inquiry!

I am going to assume you are comparing the 600 ETEC Renegade and the ACE 900 Renegade. Your reference to “EFI 600” would indicate the new “Sport Series” Renegade but there is no Sport Series ACE 900. That would be like comparing apples to oranges.

Comparing the non-turbo ACE 900 and its 95 HP to the 600R E-TECS performance is not reasonable. While the 95 HP ACE is a torquey and fuel efficient engine it is no match for the 600R E-TECs 125 HP.

The 600 E-TEC is also considerably lighter than the 4 stroke ACE 900. Throw in this reality – the 600R E-TEC is among the most fuel efficient snowmobile engines in the market.

The 900 ACE engine would be better on fuel at slower speeds and the 600R ETEC would be better at mid to WOT throttle settings.

In case you are comparing the new 600 EFI Sport Renegade with a 900 ACE Renegade the Sport EFI Model with its lightweight 2-stroke and 85 HP power output would likely equal or better the 900 ACE for performance but the EFI 600 would not be as fuel efficient as the 900 ACE or – for that matter – the 600R E-TEC.

Remember this adage – it has always been true and remains true to this day – light is right!

Motorhead Mark

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