Snowmobile Helmet Safety Lights

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Glenn Welch, President of Welch Manufacturing Technologies, Ltd., BITEHARDER’s parent company, has just announced that they have teamed up with Lenn Johnson and LJE Products, to market their “Snow-Dust-Buster Helmet Lights” under the BITEHARDER name.

“LJE Products helmet lights have proven their effectiveness over the past few years in helping to reduce accidents due to poor visibility on the trail”, explains Welch, who also went on to say, “the helmet lights fit perfectly with BITEHARDER’s continued commitment of bringing products to the market that improve the safety of snowmobiling.”

“We are very excited about the opportunity to work with BITEHARDER and be a part of their product line that keeps snowmobilers safe”, states Johnson, President of LJE Products and developer of the lights.

Using super bright LED technology, the helmet safety lights, which mount to the back of your helmet, improve visibility in all riding conditions including night riding, snow dust, snow storms, and fog, where often times your snowmobiles tail light is not visible.

Installation is simple, with no tools required. Power adapts from your helmets electric shield. Don’t use an electric shield? Power them independently using your snowmobiles accessory plug.

Made from the highest quality components available, for years of trouble-free operation, the lights come in five different colors – red, amber, blue, green and pink, allowing users to match their equipment, and easily identify other members of your group/family.

Sold under the name “BITEHARDER Helmet Safety Lights”, availability for the 2020/2021 season will be through BITEHARDER’s website and Amazon. Pricing for all color variations is $39.95 (U.S.) and $49.95 (Canadian).

As with all products sold by BITEHARDER, the helmet safety lights are included in their “Better Traction – Better Trails” program, where 10 percent of all sales are donated back to the state or province the sale originates from.

Founded by Glenn Welch in 1989, Welch Manufacturing Technologies, Ltd., a New Hampshire based company which specializes in the fabrication of machined components for the military, satellite, and commercial aerospace industries; developed a patented system of diamond coated tools for sharpening carbide traction products on snowmobiles. Since its introduction in 2013, BITEHARDER Products have revolutionized snowmobile performance and safety with “repeatable traction performance” all season long. Welch holds a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from Northeastern University. An avid snowmobiler, he enjoys riding in New Hampshire and Canada where he logs more than 3,000 miles per season.

For more information about helmet safety lights, BITEHARDER’s “Better Traction – Better Trails” program, or their complete line of carbide traction sharpening tools and accessories, visit, or on their YouTube channel.

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