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As the powersports media continues to rationalize and thin out (specifically snowmobile media) SnowTrax Television continues to grow in popularity, viewership and influence.

We are very thankful for this and owe a debt of gratitude to you, our loyal viewers of SnowTrax TV and those prolific participants on all of our social media platforms.

2020 marks our 27th year of producing SnowTrax TV. SnowTrax is the longest running, independently produced snowmobile show and hands down the most watched snowmobile show in North America.

We can safely state we are the most watched snowmobile show in the world – there’s nothing else in the free world with the viewership of SnowTrax TV.

Nielson ratings are the gold standard in the television industry and steadily and consistently verify SnowTrax’s position in the powersports media world as the leader in the snowmobile category.

To be more specific, SnowTrax has a viewing audience of more than 3.9 million. What’s more, the SnowTrax YouTube channel continues to be one of the most popular snowmobile channels with over 73,000 subscribers. It seasonally generates views topping 4.5 million worldwide.

Our secret to achieving this success is no secret at all. It all revolves directly around you, our incredibly loyal fan base and your appreciation of our honest, informed opinions.

We have been listening to you for decades now and it’s our solemn commitment to continue bringing you what you want: The most experience-tempered and opinion-anchored information in the snowmobile media.

Whenever we survey our viewership, we pay strict attention to what you like and don’t like about SnowTrax. We discuss your comments and criticisms in great detail. Not surprisingly, one of the most consistent and re-occurring comments from our viewership is your desire for more head-to-head shootouts along with more of our first impression walk-around videos. You’ll be happy to hear we agree and will oblige!

After all, one of our hallmark creeds here at SnowTrax is to produce content that will provoke a response from our viewers. Here’s what I mean. Our staff rides snowmobiles – a lot – to generate opinions and gain knowledge of the traits, good and bad, of every sled we report on.

Naturally, you can get a brochure about your fave ride online or from a dealer if you only want length, width and height info. On the other hand, we make sure what we say is based on hands-on experience with the sleds we cover.

Our goal is to equip you with the best knowledge and advice possible so you can have confidence when you lay down your hard-earned cash for a new ride.

It would be an understatement to say we value your comments and feedback on all our social media channels. We cherish your responses – and, yes, even the ones that disagree with us.

The only kind of response we don’t value is hit-and-run abusive remarks. Thankfully that’s only a tiny percentage of the feedback we get every season.

For the record, we get tons of requests for opinions on sleds you’re considering buying. So you’ll know for sure, we sincerely attempt to answer every one of them personally. We take you seriously because we are in the enviable position of being able to ride pretty much everything that’s new.

Frankly, it is our highest privilege to share our thoughts with those viewers who are laying down substantial jing for a new sled and haven’t been able to go for a test ride. We get great satisfaction when we hear our comments helped you with your purchase decision.

Finally, in 2020 we lost our ability to get face-to-face with many of you at national snowmobile shows like Hay Days and Snowmobile America. We consider it an honor to meet you and hear your stories about the sleds and the sport we all love so much.

Last, we would be remiss not to mention how thankful we are for our loyal sponsors. Without them we would not be able to bring our fans new content year after year.

So while some snowmobile marketers have commented TV isn’t as relevant today as it once was, SnowTrax TV continues to squash those comments with the imposing strength of a loyal, rabidly enthusiastic fan base that identifies with snowmobiling’s largest media platform, SnowTrax TV.

A brand new season of SnowTrax TV returns to the Outdoor Channel (USA) and OLN and Sportsman Channel (Canada) the week of December 28th 2020.

Leave us a comment and what you would like to see on SnowTrax TV.

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