2025 LYNX RAVE RE 600R

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So what’s going on at Lynx for MY 2025? Before we go too far down the “whats new” rabbit hole, let’s talk about something that’s related to Lynx, Ski-Doo and BRP.

I don’t think many of our insightful readers and viewers missed the point when BRP pushed the “sell Lynx in North America” button three years ago. It was obvious BRP was up to something bigger than just shipping a bunch of Lynx boxes to this side of the big pond and selling them to early-order buyers with no in-season models available. Go to the 2025 Lynx site and you’ll see Lynx already has in-season models peppered throughout its lineup.

More importantly is the rumbling heard from Valcourt. Rumbling? MY26 may bring stand alone Lynx dealers to the party. It’s no secret that successful dealers all over the North American snowbelt have had the grass on fire under phone lines leading to Valcourt, Quebec. These dealers want to be in the sno-mo-biz and for the most part are high quality, credible retailers. This has had to be awfully tempting for BRP to sign up some of these dealers where territorial conflicts with established Ski-Doo dealers don’t exist.

My point here is this. Lynx is no longer a boutique brand. Expect its retail footprint to expand exponentially over the next two to three model years. Yes, the Lynx name carries copious cache and exclusivity. However, there will be easier access to Lynx sleds on both early-order programs and in-season.

The topic here is the Lynx RAVE RE 600R. This sled is new to the North American marketplace and is a dynamite entry into the huge 600 trail segment. It is cut from Lynx cloth using the Radien2 chassis and the now legendary PPS3 skidframe, which is the heart of a Lynx trail sled.

2025 LYNX RAVE RE 600R

In this configuration, PPS3 is uncoupled but uses a rising rate linkage on the rear arm and two of the sweetest aluminum body, KYB PRO 46 HLCR Kashima coated coilover shocks. Keep in mind Lynx snowmobiles are built for northern European ungroomed trails and the capacity this rear skid displays for swallowing jinormous whoops is unrivaled in this industry. The PPS3 system can be driven into anything short of a canyon and come through in complete control. No swapping ends, no kick back, no handlebar whip. This 600 RAVE RE is the benchmark for rough trail competence.

So, if you’re wondering if rMotion is now in second place, Nope, it is not. rMotion is built for North American trails that can be rough but are nonetheless groomed. Here is where rMotion hangs its helmet. However, if you see yourself as a big bump jockey, a RAVE RE 600R may be your ticket to official iconic status.

The rest of the 600 RE is familiar and easy to understand. There’s BRP’s available 10.25 inch touch screen, re-invented switch gear (again) and LFS+ front suspension and Blade XC+ skis. Underhood, there’s a full-on ROTAX 600R E-TEC twin with available E-start. The laundry list of features is familiar and bulletproof. Finish quality (no pun intended) is equally as clean, tight and visually appealing as anything BRP builds here in North America.

A nice touch is the 600 RE’s inclusion of closed-off footrests and frosted white running lights hidden in the depths of the hood panels. The 600 RAVE RE also comes with a 1.5-inch Ice Ripper. BTW, the 3500 track length designation on the tunnel is metric for 137 inches.

Lynx is going to have overnight sales success with the RAVE RE 600R. This sled delivers exclusivity and one-of-a-kind handling on the roughest trails anywhere.

My advice? Get your copy early.

Mark Lester
Mark Lester
Mark Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular Host on SNOWTRAX TV, which can be seen on Sportsman Channel across America and in Canada on OLN, Sportsman Channel Canada, Wild TV and REV TV and globally on our YouTube channel.

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