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We wanted to take a closer look at four very popular 2021 snowmobiles in order to rate them. We’ll be posting details and opinion over the next few days and we’d really like to hear feedback from you on whether you agree or disagree with our appraisals.

These four crossovers will comprise a significant number of snowmobile sales for each of the companies offering them. They are – in no particular order: The 2021 MATRYX-based Polaris Switchback, Ski-Doo’s Backcountry X-RS, Arctic Cat’s RIOT and Polaris’ AXYS-based Switchback Assault.

We’ll be looking forward to your comments!

Probably everything that could be said has already been said about the AXYS-based Polaris Switchback Assault.

It originally began as an 800 and then graduated to SDI Patriot 850 power and just kept getting better. You can still buy the sled in MY 2021 despite the fact all the hype has moved to the new MATRYX-based Switch. You won’t be sorry if you pick up what is likely the last AXYS version.

Honestly, Polaris didn’t need to upgrade this sled – it’s that good. Its 144-inch track is a wee bit shorter than the current popular 146-inch length everyone else is using but it’s still so light its deep-snow floatation is legendary – and even better if you upgrade the stock 1.35-lugger to a 1.6.

On the trails it rides with the comfort of a trail sled and turns and handles like a freshly honed razor blade.

There’s something about this sled that, when you’re riding it, it just feels right. That goes for both powder excursions and trail forays.

It probably has much to do with the SW’s very low weight but, somehow, Polaris got the mass and weight-positioning equation spot-on! The balance here is as near to perfect as any sled we’ve ever ridden.

Speaking of balance, we’ve always felt this sled bridges the gap between on-trail and foothill riding the way a crossover is intended to function and, in its prime, really was the standard everyone else needed to catch up to. It actually excels in both venues and not every competitor can claim that.

Combine this excellent chassis with that trumpeting 850, lean on the throttle and just plain hang on! There’s no performance disappointment here, no unkept promises!

Things we didn’t like about the AXYS Switchback? … Nuttin’!

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