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If you’re anything like us, enough is never enough when it comes to power in things motorised. In our ongoing quest to “power up” our tow vehicles we’ve come across an absolute home run.

Heath Mulock of Hot Rod Diesel has an incredible passion to squeeze every bit of available horsepower & torque out of a diesel motor. He suggests the Edge module along with the Attitude adjuster/monitor on our GMC Sierra’s Duramax equipped engine. The Edge module adds an incredible 150 hp and up to 350 lb.-ft. of stump pulling torque!!

The best part about this mod is that it’s a very simple “plug & play” install. No costly time consuming complicated engine mods required here – just about as simple as plugging your X-Box into the TV.

Adjustability is on the fly with the up and down arrows on the Attitude monitor – choose from an extra 60 to 150 hp as the situation requires. The readout will monitor and show up to 4 different functions including: power level, egt, turbo boost, tire corrected road speed, engine temp., engine rpm, and transmission slippage – you choose which 4.

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