Communicators OK at Races

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This past winter we spotted at least one snocross racing team using Collett’s new Race Communication system made legal by a new ISR rule allowing Pro class riders to use one-way communication with a track side spotter.

Obviously, the communication flow must be from the spotter to the racer. These helmet mounted units use similar technology to Collett’s Platinum 900 series two way communicators in use by thousands of snowmobilers for over a decade.

We spoke to Evinrude/Ski-Doo/Supertrax riders Noel Kohanski and A.J. Lester using the set-up and without exception, once they got comfortable with being abused by their spotter for picking stupid lines, found the communication very useful.

Clearly, most forms of motorized racing employ driver/spotter communication. With visibility always an issue in snocross and the rapidly changing nature of the racing surface, this set-up will become more popular this year.

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