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Finally! An aftermarket exhaust company has answered the call trail riders have been begging for. Introducing MBRP’s Quiet Series exhaust for the Polaris Patriot 850 and Ski-Doo’s 850 and 600R E-TEC equipped sleds.

Key to the Quiet Series design is a decibel equivalent aftermarket exhaust which is packaged in a slick looking oval shape 304 Stainless steel and TIG welded body.

The new 430Q for Polaris and 132Q for Ski-Doo snowmobiles go further and shed 6-pounds off the stock mufflers while delivering a 1-horsepower increase in power.

Substantial R&D and Dyno testing focusing on increasing maximum flow while damping sound to stock levels as well as delivering weight savings along with an increase in horsepower were all key metrics which absolutely had to be met.

After testing both exhausts we were totally blown away at how close in sound the new Quiet Series exhausts are to stock. MBRP informed us that while the Polaris exhaust is just a tad louder than stock they were able to match the decibel level for the Ski-Doo 850 and 600R E-TEC engines.

What’s more impressive is the enhanced exhaust note and crisper throttle response. Both exhausts really come to life past 3/4 throttle and generate that signature and pleasing MBRP exhaust note which enhances the deeper tone of the engines while keeping the sound level at trail friendly levels.

Both the 430Q and 132Q come with a limited 2-Year warranty protecting the consumer from manufacture defects. While it is still important you check with your local authorities on rules and regulations on using an aftermarket exhaust, we are happy to say that MBRP is paving the way to a trail compliant exhaust that delivers on performance.

For more information on MBRP’s full line of products visit: mbrp.com

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