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In the snowmobile traction business, when you offer a 5-year warranty on your product, it’s guaranteed to get some attention.

That’s exactly what New Hampshire’s Mack Studs offers with its studs. Unbelievably, a 5-year no-bend or break guarantee comes with the purchase of their product.

Why go so far out on a limb? The key is in the heat-treating process Mack uses and it ensures a longer life. Add to this the fact each stud’s base is 5/16-inch in diameter.

5/16 width in the push-through design means they can handle high RPM rotation under load, sudden impacts from ice and rocks and not deform or, worse, get sheared off.

Besides its standard versions, Mack makes Mega-Studs, specially designed for lightweight, single ply tracks. These studs use a thicker 1.185-inch backer to support the stud as the track flexes.

There’s also a Mega N-Vader stud with a tapered point carbide tip for some serious grip. These are a long-life stud designed for serious running on icy or extremely hard-packed surfaces and are big hit with ditch warriors, both in racing and recreational cross-country riding.

If you go to you’ll find a complete catalog of studs, backers, washers and Nylock nuts – even carbide runners for your skis.

Supertrax strongly endorses Mack products and we’re confident you’ll be satisfied when you use them this winter.

For more info and fitment details call 603-279-3330 or go to

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