C&A Pro Xtreme Performance Trail Ski

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C&A Pro Skis is raring to release its latest high performance product to the snowmobile industry, the XPT aka ‘Xtreme Performance Trail’ Ski.

Today’s trail machines are faster, lighter and stronger than ever; it only makes sense for the leader in snowmobile skis to bring a new product to market to help these riders push their machine to new levels. The XPT has all the features that a performance motivated trail rider needs for today’s high tech machines.

The XPT has a maximum width of 6.25″ to give the ski a stable platform in both loose and hard pack trail conditions.

Darting is a thing of the past with our integrated mid center keels. These 3/8″ deep keels help the machine tracking straight in a wide array of conditions.

Location of these keels is strategic as it allows the carbide to have more contact with the ground when cornering on hard trail surfaces.

A 3/4″ deep center keel guides the XPT thru all corners with confidence, while not requiring lots of rider effort. It’s tapered rear section and raised tail offer excellent off camber cornering and enables reversing out of any situation.

The brand new XPT by C&A Pro Skis, truly allows all trail riders to Ride Like a Pro!

C&A Pro Skis provide the most flexible and indestructible snowmobile skis on the market because they are made of durable ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material (UHMW-PE) combined with compression molded technology. The inherent strength and performance of these premium skis makes them the choice of professional athletes worldwide. C&A provides a full range of snowmobile skis to accommodate the various riding preferences of racing, mountain, crossover and trail.

C&A Skis are available through power sports dealers or online at caproskis.com.

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