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Sure Grip offers enhancements to its popular drivable dolly system that make life even easier for snowmobilers!

SURE GRIP drivable dollies once again enhance the range of drivable possibilities by adding new wider wheels and thicker, more durable wheel hubs to its unique Drivable Dolly system.

This improved system has met the strict demands of authorities such as the United States Marine Corp., Natural Resources Canada, US Border Patrol and many others.

SURE GRIP Drivable Dollies work like a wheel kit, allowing your snowmobile to be easily maneuvered around your shop or garage. Imagine eliminating any further heavy lifting to swing the backend of your sled around because you can’t steer on concrete or across smoother surfaces. SURE GRIP Drivable Dollies are an excellent tool for your shop, trailer or yard!

Visit www.suregripdolly.com to see an action video how to stretch out your weekends! Call (320)-252-0278 for more information.

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