HMK Voyager Jacket

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By: Mike Lester

Just had my first ride wearing my brand new HMK Voyager Jacket. Talk about the perfect day for testing riding gear – minus 20 Celsius (4 degrees Fahrenheit)!

This jacket stood up to the test though. The Cordura shell blocked the wind from getting through and combined with the zip-out liner, I was toasty warm even at speed.

The liner is easily removed and you can wear it or shell separately or combine the two for maximum weather protection.

I also like the tall, fleece-lined collar that provided further protection from wind and cold on my neck and is just loose enough not to restrain head movement.

The fit of this jacket is so great too. Pre-curved arms look slick and don’t bunch at the elbow and the cuffs can be worn loose or closed shut and stay shut tightly better than some of the other jackets I’ve had.

The ghosted spider-web pattern over the black exterior is so cool I’m positive you’ll be seeing more of it next season. Combined with the orange highlights, you’ve got yourself a head-turner.

Check out more HMK gear online at and call (541) 386-3262 for ordering information.

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