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By Kent Lester

We’ve been dealing with rumors about a new 800 E-TEC so long now it seems like the drum has been beaten to death.

Here are a few facts, for a change:

First, there’s a real and very serious need for Ski-Doo to offer this engine in MY2011. High performance Ski-Doo people are not about to ante up for another carbed PowerTEK mill in any volume again in 2011.

We’ve seen many diehard Ski-Doo performance buyers who would normally ride nothing less than an 800, opt for a 600 E-TEC this year just because of its great mileage, trick tech and considerable power.

Second, everything is there to make this engine work. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the current 800’s liquid cooled cases and the transfer of technology from a Ficht 600 to an 800 is practically an engineering no-brainer.

We think all the attributes of the 600 will make for an improved 800, without question. It will run cleaner, have better throttle response, lighter throttle pull, be less ragged in its power delivery (yes, sorry Ski-Doo saints, the 800 P-TEK is a ragged engine with plenty of vibes and raw-edged manners) and get segment leading gas mileage.

Finally, bragging rights are at stake. While Ski-Doo has held the 800 E-TEC back for one year too long, the competition has been wide awake and watching. In 2011 and 2012 there will be some slick engine technology from the others and it’s going to make Ski-Doo a back shelf company if it doesn’t step up.

Leadership is just that. First to the start line, first out of the gate and hold it wide open into the first corner. If Ski-Doo doesn’t git ‘er done, someone else will and they’ll be looking at taillights for another year!

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