More About The Apex Yamacharger

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By Kent Lester

We forgot to mention the best part about the Yamacharger. Not only does it ramp up the peak horsepower of the Genesis, but it can be installed without having to re-map or re-chip the Apex’s EFI processor.

Furthermore you don’t need to add high performance or non-restrictive pipes (you can do it if you want) to get the horsepower increase.

The whole kit is super sano and comes with molded plastic underhood plumbing routing pressurized air into a G-Force provided airbox. It all fits under the Apex’s bodywork so slick and unobtrusively it never hints to your pals you’ve added twenty pounds of horsepressure.

Here’s what we don’t know:

1. How much boost the Yamacharger actually makes and when it comes in.

There appears to be no waste gate so it’s likely making boost right off idle, although not as much as a conventional exhaust driven turbo.

2. The final turbo RPM the charger is actually spinning at full whack.

We initially thought it was only 10 grand (same as the crank speed) but it could be more if the compressor vanes freewheel.

Sure works, though.

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