XTX Hyfax Wear

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Dear Motorhead:

I snow checked an Apex XTX (5th new one since 2005) and have never burnt up sliders like this before. 500 miles or 5 miles at 100 mph, whichever comes first. Very disappointing.

I find myself leaving it at home in favour of my backup/loaner 2008 600 sdi Renegade. A good long weekend will often exceed 500 miles and I hate changing sliders outdoors.

I tried an extra wheel kit but they got wrecked by the suspension and the TRIC scratchers seem to help a little, but on the most expensive sled ever, should I have to figure this out?

I recommend using the $400 Yamabucks for sliders people, You’re going to need them.


Thanks for your email!

I did some research with some folks I know and here’s the deal. Yes, the XTX skids are known for some Hyfax wear issues – but it’s very dependent on snow cover (lubrication specifically).

The “improved” XTX Nytro skid used this year (MY 11) is in the XTX Apex for MY 12 – I know, that doesn’t help you.

Another note is this – there may be some virtue in pursuing aftermarket Hyfax – some are better than others. This relates to the molecular weight of the UHMW high density plastic used in Hyfax.

A manufacturer of slide rails can select from as high as 10 million weight to as little as 3-4 million weight UHMW. The wear factor is dramatically reduced with lighter molecular weight.

FYI – I understand for next year Yamaha is releasing a new Hyfax for the MY 12 sleds and hopefully it will be available through Yamaha Canada Genuine parts.

I know this doesn’t help much however, it’s all I could learn for you on the topic. One more thing – I would pursue the wheel kit option again and try to find out why yours failed.


Motorhead Mark

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