Won’t Believe The Hype

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Dear Motorhead:

I find it frustrating when a magazine gets caught up in the hype and puts out false information. Stating that “the 800 E-TEC is the fastest snowmobile available without a turbo” is a flat out lie.

Have you heard of the Arctic Cat CFR 1000? How about the 800HO? Consumers rely on you guys to put out facts and un-biased opinions, not false advertisement.



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Whoa! Let’s get something perfectly straight – ad hype has nothing to do with the fact in all our testing the 800 E-TEC is the fastest non-turbo sled in MY 11. Period.

We’ve got a CF-R 1000 and a couple 800 AC’s. Nope, not as fast. Maybe yours is but ours isn’t and it wasn’t last year either when we tested the limited build E-TEC 800.


Motorhead Mark

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