Yamaha’s Vector is Re-Thought for 2012

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For 2012 the product planners have taken the next logical step and added EPS to the Vector line.

The new EPS Vectors will be available in both 121 and 136-inch versions and there have been some changes made to offset the extra cost of power steering being added.

First, the tried and true tunnel adjustable dial damping control for the Vector’s monoshock has been replaced with a new, more conventional clicker gas shock with the controls inside the tunnel on the shock itself.

This move not only has eliminated some weight and complexity but (the cable from the shock to the tunnel adjuster could sometimes be interfered with by ice) has allowed Yamaha to keep the overall price down, offsetting the extra cost associated with power steering.

Another price adjustment will be gained with the use of a pair of non-reservoir KYB aluminum gassers up front.

Frankly, we’ve always loved the variations of this shock absorber and, for trail riding, have found the overall ride of both Vectors and Apexes equipped with them to be superior to some of the more pricey reservoir and air shock packages Yamaha has offered.

The new skis and 15mm remount at the ski pivot, identical to the EPS Apexes, is also in place with the EPS Vector.

Unfortunately, Yamaha has walked away from offering a more budget-friendly iteration of the Vector without EPS.

Just like the Apex, there are no choices of EPS or not, available. Either you’re gonna love it and pay up or look at another 4-stroke without it.

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