What About The 2010 F8

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Dear Motorheadd,

I have a 2007 F8 and being the first year of the F series it is lacking a little in the power department.

Is the ride any better on the 2010 model and is it worthwhile to upgrade when the there are aftermarket parts that will increase the ponies.




Thanks for your email!

The F-Chassis has gone through many updates affecting both ride and handling. However, shock packages are a big factor in the F-Series.

Here’s what has improved exponentially since your 2007 was built. Handling. The F-platform had the tunnel to bulkhead angle changed in MY 09 effectively steepening the rake of the front spindles.

This move mostly eradicated the annoying understeer (push) the sled displayed since it’s inception.

You can tune up your 800 to run very strong by contacting Speedwerx or other AC purveyors of power.

Good Luck,

Motorhead Mark

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