REV 600 SDI vs. F6 EFI

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Dear Motorhead,

Just wondering what the best bang for my buck would be, a 2006 REV 600 HO SDI or a 2006 Arctic Cat F6 EFI?

What are the pro’s and con’s of each and reliability, performance comparisons etc.


William S


Thanks for your email!

This is a very precarious question for a couple reasons. First, you are talking about used iron. Which one has the least miles? Which one is in the best condition?

Next, there’s the question about a dealer. Sure, these are used rides but you still will need a dealer – guaranteed.

Okay, as far the sleds go you need to realize this MY for the Rev 600 SDI had some piston ring issues. These engines were pretty much all looked after under warranty but you should verify this mill has been apart and the new updated pistons and rings installed. Otherwise, this is a very solid sled with exceptional fuel economy numbers.

The AC F-6 was literally a bullet on snow in MY 06. The sled was stupid fast, overachieved in almost every area of performance comparison.

Many F-6’s would out run 800’s that year. The Rev was a clean sheet ergonomically in the early part of this decade and in MY 06 it would be considered the most “different” from a rider positioning standpoint.

The F-6 on the other hand would be more mainstream for that time – more traditionally rider seated. So, when you compare the two sleds to todays rider preferences, the F-6 will feel more “dated” while the Rev will fell more mainstream – today.

Hope this helps!

Motorhead Mark

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