Renegade vs. Nytro

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Dear Motorhead,

I just read your latest Supertrax Vol. 21 No. 2. Always a good read. I own both a ’09 Doo Renegade and a ’09 Nytro RTX SE. Both have their strong & weak points. Both great sleds.

You state on pg. 36 that the weight difference is “an undeniable fact of life”. Very true.

You also state that the Nytro’s gauge package is “a bit lacking” compared to the Doo’s. Also very true.

You should also mention there is a gap in build quality & resale values. I’m looking to move my sleds & apples to apples there is a significant difference in depreciation between my 2 sleds. Check dealer black-book, I was amazed.

Apples to apples (factoring in mileage, upkeep, conditions ran in, etc.), or as close as we can keep to that model, there is about a 15% (or better) distinction between my 2 sleds with the Nytro having the clear advantage.

I think it is also objective fact that the consumer would like to know.


G. L. Fleenor
Saskatchewan, Canada


Thanks for your email!

I have noted your comments and I think you’ll see an interesting result of them in our BIC Awards in the next issue of Supertrax.

Motorhead Mark

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