Removing Coupler Blocks

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Can the rear coupling blocks on my 2009 Dragon 800 SP be removed from the rear suspension without doing any damage? I am assuming you would have to remove the cross shaft that they are mounted on. 

I removed the coupling blocks on my 2006 Crossfire and liked it…made the sled more fun to drive. I’m considering trying this on the D8, but I want to make sure I don’t damage anything as the suspension cycles through its travel.


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As you know, this suspension is in it’s first year of production on Polaris IQ’s so I cannot answer your question with confidence that you will not do damage to the rear swingarm.

I am confident in recommending you not completely remove the coupler as I suspect the sled will stand up mid turn and “wheelie” uncontrollably under acceleration.

However, I have included Mike Bedard from Polaris who is a Senior Project Engineer and will be able to add his comments on your question.


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