Parts & Accessories for 2006 Fusion HO

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I have been looking for parts and accessories for my 06 fusion HO and can’t find them. I can find tons of parts and accessories for the 2007 IQ.

So my Question is what can I and can’t I put on my 2006 that is made for a 2007?




The 2006 Fusion and the 2007 IQ share the exact same engine, driveline and chassis platform. Of course, the CFI 600 IQ version is a different engine setup and accepts EFI-only mods.

We found our 2006 600 Fusion to be the fastest in its class, so be careful about how much further you can expect to take it from a horsepower perspective.

My advice is to stud the track, carefully set up your carb jetting and ride it with a big smile. Not many guys are going to pass you.

Kent Lester

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