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Many of the regions within the North American snowbelt that rely on volunteers to groom trails, build bridges and put up signs are deeply concerned this year.

Snowmobile clubs rely on early trail permit sales to get equipment in order and trails ready for winter. Although snow conditions have been excellent out West, because of scant snowfall in some areas east of the Mississippi, permit sales are drastically down.

Plans and programs that have been in the works for years are suddenly being pushed back or completely canceled for lack of funds.

Here’s what you can do to help: We all know the eastern half of the continent will be getting winter this year. The problem is, it’s later than usual and that’s what’s causing the problem. If you’ve been planning a snowmobile trip for late January or February and have been holding off getting your trail permit, buy it today.

By committing to the clubs and volunteers right now you’ll be helping clubs get their groomers out on the trails as soon as the winter weather arrives – and it will arrive!

Without snowmobilers willing to take the risk to buy their permits this year, despite the present weather lull, it will be a big setback for the volunteers who build and maintain our trail networks.

Think about this: What if we got an enormous dump of snow within the next week or two and there were no groomers or workers to groom the trails!

As always, it’s up to you.

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