Not Happy With 800 SP

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Dear Motorhead,

You guys in the media were way off about how good the 2009 800 SP was going to be. 15 mpg plus? not even close and the long legs you all said it had? Give me a break.

Its not bad, but not what everyone said it was and still continue to say. Its too bad the media won’t get out of bed with the big four and actually report what we all now know.

Now that Supertrax owns SnowTrax and Dirt Trax, why not tell that Lester guy who claimed it was the best 800 he has ever ridden to try again.

I would have thought that someone with that much experience would choose his words a little more carefully. Not to mention the fact it was stated on the highest watched snowmobiling program in the country.



Thanks for your kind and objective remarks! Cough!

Okay, here’s what we know is true. We received a limited build 800 IQ last spring. We had ridden a number of them on different occasions from January thru to the end of the winter. These sleds all – without exception – ran super strong, were good on fuel (as reported) and impressed us.

What you’ve experienced with your IQ is not what we experienced. I don’t doubt you’ve had problems. However, I’ve had many emails and comments from 800 IQ owners which are overwhelmingly positive.

Our IQ’s have over 2000 miles on the 121 and over 4000 miles on the 136. The 136 got a re-flash and it’s been great. Sled runs fast, fouled plug issue has been completely resolved. The 121 has never had this issue. Our only real complaint is the electric starter. It is not powerful enough at minus 20.

I would agree that gas mileage has been somewhat less than we originally reported but here where we ride, there’s been precious few days where a sled could deliver good fuel economy. It’s been rare to have hard pack with all the snow we’ve seen this year. This has been consistent with all our press feet – mpg is down from what we’ve seen in previous winters.

No, we are not in bed with the big four. In fact we’re often in trouble with them for saying what we experience. In this case, the IQ 800 has not caused us any heartache.

I wish you good luck in getting your problems solved so your 800 makes you happy. There are many 800 owners who are just that.

Good luck,


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