Is There A New Doo Coming Mid Season?

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Dear Motorhead,

Is it true there is a new 600 power plant for Ski-Doo coming out mid season?



Thanks for your email!

Your question is likely coming from the announcement of the new 600 RS XP racer-only platform which uses a hybrid Rotax 600 carb.

The engine is not really “new” but is a conglomeration of pieces from existing mills to create a very potent “new” 600 ISR race spec, stock class sno-X engine. The motor is claimed to produce near 130 HP.

One has to assume Ski-Doo’s competitive nature and their continued use of sno-X developed technology as a test bed for improved trail sled technology would make a reasonable argument for this new mill to show up in a trail sled. However, don’t expect to see it as a limited build this year.

We think you’re on the right track but if this engine appears it will likely use SDI – EPA certification is a driving factor in consumer engine technology. Welcome to the new world of clean-air snowmobiling!

The good news in all this – I suspect – will be a more powerful 600 SDI 2 stroke in MY 2009.

Notice I did not say Ski-Doo will not have a limited build 600 class engine this year. Stay tuned.

Motorhead Mark

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