Polaris Currency Exchange Statement

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Polaris Responds to Cross Border Sled Buying With Rebates For Canadian Buyers

Press Release –

Polaris is a global company. Currency fluctuation is often a challenge for manufacturers and dealers alike and there is no perfect solution.

Currency fluctuation is usually a temporary situation that corrects itself over time.

Polaris’ policy is not directed at Canadian consumers or the citizens of any particular country.

Polaris prohibits all dealers around the world from actively selling across borders for a variety of regulatory, marketing and distribution reasons.

Polaris has not altered its policy against selling across borders. This policy has been in effect for many years.

Polaris has acknowledged the historic currency fluctuation between Canada and the United States by rolling out a Canadian exclusive retail program including rebates of up to $1,000 (depending on model), effective November 1, 2007.

These programs neutralize the cost to the Canadian consumer and strongly encourage Canadians to purchase in Canada.

Moreover, Polaris’ pricing and programs are very competitive in the marketplace.

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