IQ Touring Suspension Set-Up

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Dear Motorhead,

I bought a new 2010 polaris 600 IQ Touring and it really pushes in the corners. I tightened up the front suspension and that helped quite a bit but it still does not turn the greatest.

Would I be better off tightening the front strap and loosening the front suspension?

Also when I ride 1-up the suspension is a little stiff and I weigh 220 lbs. with my daughter on the back it rides like a cadillac.

I’ll accept any tips on setting up the suspension.




Thanks for your email!

Here’s my suggestion based on considerable exposure to this sled. Put your limiter back to its original position, leave the front IFS preload alone and get some Slim Jims or Dooly runners.

Run your rear torsion springs in full soft until you feel persistent (not occasional) bottoming. Then bump them up one level at a time. This sled is not known for push or understeer traits unless you have Polaris dual runner skis and are riding in wet, heavy snow.

Slim Jims will bring the front end bite back you lack under all conditions.


Motorhead Mark

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