Great Choice For SOFTY

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Dear Motorhead:

Great choice for SOFTY! I do have a question though. In your lead-up you mention that fuel economy & resale are considered criteria in your evaluations yet very little was mentioned in the actual piece about these two objective areas. Is Polaris improving in these areas? They haven’t been strong in either the last few years.

Keep up the great work.



Thanks for your email!

Yes, Polaris has made significant strides in improving oil mileage. In fact, we’re finding a Liberty 600 or 800 can go up to 700 miles on a tank of oil.

This is E-TEC oil mileage territory. Fuel economy on the 600 Liberty Cleanfire is most often around 16-18 mpg but can slip lower at lake velocities. We should have included these comments in the show – thanks for keeping us on our toes.


Motorhead Mark

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