Adjusting RUSH Suspension

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Dear Motorhead:

I purchased a left-over 2010 Polaris 600 Rush at the beginning of this season. The rear suspension gauge tool was missing from the toolkit and therefore the dealer gave me one for a 2011 model. I assumed the same gauge tool is used for both 2010 and 2011 models.

At the end of the season I obtained a gauge tool for the 2010 model and noticed that the markings are about 20 lbs on the heavier side for the 2011 gauge as compared to the 2010 gauge. For example, the 220 lb mark on the 2010 gauge is equivalent to the 240 lb mark on the 2011 gauge.

I was wondering if Polaris found the original 2010 gauge caused the set-up to have a tendency to be too stiff and therefore changed the markings on the 2011 gauge to lighten things up or, is there a significant difference in the chassis or rear shock between the 2010 and 2011 models?

In March, 2009 I was able to do a test ride of the new 600 Rush and I was truly impressed at how well it rode. Apparently the Polaris folks who were traveling across the country demonstrating the new Rush had the suspension dialed-in perfect for my weight.

I have not been able to replicate the ride with the one that I purchased this past year. I’m sure it is something simple and when I discovered the difference in the suspension gauge tool at the end of this season, I thought perhaps this may be part of the problem I experienced.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you,


Thanks for your email!

I think I understand your situation. First, the 2010 Rush was a work in progress when you test rode it – calibrations were still being finalized and obviously what you bought wasn’t what you rode in 2009.

The MY 2010 Rush rear suspension was substantially altered after the first year. The cantilever arm was completely re-designed and a cooler was added under the new snowflap system. Calibrations for MY 2012 have changed somewhat again and I believe the gauge used to set the rear spring preload has been eliminated from the tool kit.

After riding with the top suspension Engineers in West Yellowstone a month ago – we learned the proper way to set-up a MY 2011 or 2012 Rush. It’s all about ride height.

When seated on the sled you should measure 3-3.5 inches of “ride-in” or sag measured from the running boards to the snow compared to static unloaded ride height. This setting produced what we felt were the best ride responses of any Rush we’ve ridden so far.

Whether or not this formula will work on your MY 2010 Rush is another question. FYI – Do not attempt to update your 2010 with the new cantilever set-up. We’ve already inquired with Polaris on this and it is not update-able.

Hope this helps!

Motorhead Mark

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