Further Comments About Noise Intolerance

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Dear Motorhead:

A comment on your ‘Noise Intolerance’ column. I too have feelings along the same lines as you on this subject.

I have ridden with a friend with the triple glass pack and several years ago I reprimanded them for the possible negativity of their choice. He actually had to wear earplug while riding!

I own a store in a town that does not allow snowmobiles into the village limits, but HD’s so loud in the summer it interferes with sales and you’ll see many a shaking head because of the loudness. I too love the rumble of a nice stout vehicle and also feel that our sport is always negatively portraited in the media.

The unfortunate death on a snowmobile in comparison to motorcycle deaths is always persecuted on our local three stations, very quickly I might add. Safety is always my utmost concern, both for myself and those around me. I believe our downfall is that we do not have a loud enough voice for our sport.

Motorcycles have the likes of the Tuttles, Jesse James and the rest of the bad boy types. Although it is nice to see at least one publication start to take a stand, thank you Supertrax.

Keep up the good work, and make some trax.


Thanks for your kind words!

We believe snowmobiling gets an unfair rap compared to almost any other offroad activity. Hopefully we all can help lessen this reality by being strong spokespersons, advocates and good examples for the sport wherever and whenever we ride.


Motorhead Mark


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