Did I Make A Huge Mistake At The Dealership?

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Dear Motorhead:

This season I bought a brand new 2013 Renegade X 1200 4-TEC. My old sled is a 2006 Renegade 800 with a track of 121″ track.

The type of driving we all do together is trail riding only and always fast in corners and out. The boys tell me that I’ll be the slowest of the group now and I’ll have a very hard time turning corners because the new sled has a 137″ track.

Should I call the dealer and tell him I made a mistake and I need a 121 track?

Yours truly,


Thanks for your email!

Okay, first off your 2006 Renegade wasn’t a 121 – if it was a Renegade it was a 136.

Your friends might be nice people but they are wrong. Your new Renny XR 4-TEC with a 137 shoe will handle and carve apexes so close to a 120 XR you will never know the diff.

In fact, the Ski-Doo XS/XR Renegade 137 platform produces among the most transparent handling qualities of any X-Over sled in the biz.

You will not be slow because a snowmobile doesn’t know how long its track is – it simply drives “through” the track. The increased foot print (traction) will actually produce better acceleration and is often faster at the big end as well.

Go and enjoy your new ride – you’re gonna love it and I think your friends are jealous.

Motothread Mark

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