Can an MXZ Adrenaline Handle Rough Trails?

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I’m from the Buffalo, NY area where the winters are long and cold, yet the riding season is really quite short. Most of the trails in the area are pretty rough and get beat easily.

What is my best option for the best ride on this type of trail so I don’t end up killing my back after every ride?

Every now and then I’ll get on the throttle, but for the most part I just like to cruise. I was looking at an ’08 or ’09 MXZ Adrenaline. Any ideas?

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Here’s the deal – the XP Adrenaline in 2008 was a great sled except for one important issue – ride quality. First year ’08 XP’s were over-sprung and over-damped in the rear.

If you can acquire an MY 09 or current (2010), you will own one of the best riding sleds in the biz.

I would also suggest you look at a Renegade 137 Adrenaline (2009 or 2010) as the extra track length bridges moguls and delivers an even better ride – maybe the best in the biz.

Hope this helps!

Motorhead Mark

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