Advice On Studding Your Track

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Dear Motorhead,

I have 2 Polaris IQ LX (a 2007 and a 2008) with 128″ x 15″ tracks on both. I want to stud the tracks on my own and being a mechanic of 45 years I think I can get it done.

Can you recommend the best pattern, brand, what tools I’d require, etc? You’ve helped me before and I value your opinion.




Thanks for your email!

It would be fairly unproductive for me to expound on how to stud your sleds with the expert advice available from SNOWSTUDS.COM. I absolutely recommend visiting or call 1-888-234-9822 to get all the info on the “how to” of studding.

Here is some advice from my own experience: Do not stud the outer belts of the track. Do not exceed three studs per pitch – I would recommend a max of only two per pitch. Make sure you have good carbides on both sleds after studding as a studded track takes more leverage to turn thus making runners critical. Go to a six inch carbide or ideally a dual runner.

Hope this helps,

Motorhead Mark

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