800 Switchback or 4-TEC Renegade?

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Dear Motorhead:

Your mag nad show are the best in the biz. I make sure I get every issue and never miss a show!

Looking to buy new this spring but stuck between two sleds. An 800 Switchback RUSH and the 4-stroke Ski-Doo. We ride a little aggresively some times and not sure if the 4-storke is up for that task.




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I think you’re comparing apples to oranges – here’s why. You need to decide on the big issue before you move ahead with a sled choice. Do you want a 4 stroke or a 2 stroke X-Over? That’s the most important issue.

If you were comparing the new Switchback Pro Ride 800 to the Renegade 800 E-TEC I would be happy to give you my opinion. In fact, I am happy to give you my opinion on your question.

The 4-TEC SD is a 130 HP 4 stroke and the Switchback Pro Ride is a 153 HP 2 stroke. The Renegade is a light 4 stroke X-Over and likely the best 4 stroke X-Over in the biz right now. However, it is not the best X-Over period.

The new Switchback Pro Ride platform and the SD Renegade chassis with 2 stroke power are at the top of the game right now. It would be very difficult to pick the hands down best sled from among the two.

The new SB Pro Ride is a trail rider’s dream and unbelievably capable as a boondocker with its “naked” rear architecture. It can really dig in deep snow.

The Renegade is a worthy trail riding sled as well with an almost transparent feel to its 137 inch shoe. It is superb at boondocking as well.

The E-Tec 2 stroke engine is largely incomparable from a mpg standpoint but the Liberty 800 can run dead-even with it to the C-Note.

Strangely, the new 800 Polaris mills are equally as miserly on oil as the E-TEC is – up to 700 miles per tankful. Think about this in comparison to a 4 stroke seasonal oil change. This kind of 2 stroke oil consumption more or less negates the 4 stroke oil argument – unless you ride a jillion miles a year then the 4 stroke seasonal interval wins out.

Hope this helps – again, your first decision is 4 or 2 stroke for your new ride.

Motorhead Mark

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