800 E-TEC GSX SE or 1200 Grand Touring?

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Dear Motorhead –

I own a 2010 Nytro XTX, but my wife wants to start riding with me once in a while, so this machine really doen’t fit for us.

To tell you the truth I am missing my 2-stroke punch and was thinking about the Bombardier GSX 800 E-TEC.

Will it be suitable for 2 riders with the optional 2-up seat? I am 275-lbs and my wife is 130-lbs and my Nytro supension can’t handle that weight.

Do you think the GSX will be able to or do I need to go to the 1200 Grand Touring and limit my fun when I will go out with only the boys?

Thanks in advance for your response,


Hi Marcel –

Thanks for your email!

Your concern is valid. I would highly recommend you opt for the GSX SE with the all-new air ride r-Motion 137 skid. This sled will accept an optional 2 up seat and as a result of the adjust-on-the-fly air ride system, you will be able to ride in comfort with your wife.

You’re correct in assuming a GSX 120 inch with the 2 up seat will be less compliant with a 400 pound passenger load. You can bump up the preload on the rear torsion springs however I would suspect you’d need to swap out the torsion springs for an optional higher pound rated set. This may then affect your ride quality when you’re alone.

The 800 E-TEC is a great engine with exceptional fuel economy and strong performance. Don’t think a 137 will be less sporty when you ride with your friends – the 137 r-Motion is virtually impossible to tell apart from the 120 version under all trail conditions.

Hope this helps,

Motorhead Mark

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