129-Incher vs. 137-Incher

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Dear Motorhead:

I’m a big fan of your show and opinions. I’m replacing a 2011 Crossfire 800 Ltd and wonder if you guys have ridden the new ZR much yet.

I ride 70% trails and found the Crossfire 141 to be a handfull on-trail, but unbelievable off. This sled can be the best sled ever and the worst sled ever on the same day.

Do you think the 129 is the best of all worlds Cat or is it XF 137?

Dave S.
Ottawa, ON

Hi Dave –

Thanks for your email and we appreciate your kind words!

I am familiar with your 2011 X-Fire and the way it generates both love and hate all at once.

Since you appreciated the longer footprint of your 11 X-fire I’d definitely encourage you to look at the XF 137. It is a trail biased X-over that can shred flatland powder.

The ride and handling of the 137 XF is completely transparent – you can’t tell the diff from a 129 – except in bigger bumps where the longer track bridges moguls better.

The 800 XF 137 is my fave although the 7000 is pretty sweet. Actually – I suspect the best XF 137 is yet to be built – a 600 DSI XF 137.

Hope this helps and let us know what you decide!

Motorhead Mark

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