QUICK TAKE: 2014 Polaris Switchback

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If you’re comparing front ends on long track sleds, there’s simply no race between the competition and this Polaris.

The non-parallel A-arm system Polaris uses on its Pro-Ride and Indy sleds is the industry standard for predictable turn-in and precise handling in the bumpiest terrain.

There’s little, if any, noticeable handling compromise with the longer RipSaw 1.25-inch track, either and it’s what makes the SB such a pleasure to ride.

Very little body-english is required, just crank the bars and maintain forward seating. Keep the throttle on and steer to the apex, pivot and lay on more flipper – you’ll slingshot out of turns like Kyle Bush, but without losing as many friends.

Aside from very good skis, some of this has to do with weight and ergonomics. The Switchback is light and although not as light as a Renegade, feels incredibly light from the driver’s seat.

Steering effort is very easy and with the higher riding position this platform affords, takes little muscular input to ride through the twisties.

It feels almost motorcycle-ish.

Read the rest of this story in the upcoming issue of Supertrax, available December, 2013.

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