Woody’s Traction Options for Crossover Sleds

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Today’s factory options allow snowmobilers to have any number of tracks on 144 or 146-inch Crossover sleds, so what’s the right choice for studs? Well, it really comes down to overall balanced traction.

This means the happy balance is not too much bite up front with your carbides, making it heavy-steering and awkward, and likewise not too much studded or paddled grip out back causing the sled to push in the corners. The key is finding the harmony between those two things.

Woody’s Traction is always innovating and designing new and helpful products, from their multi patterned stud guides to track drills marking tools and even shallow sockets and easy to hold round head Allen-keys for installing studs.

Woody’s Grand Master or Grand Master Pro studs work great on Cobra track options with 1.3 or 1.6 inch lugs. They are designed to be used in single ply tracks, and the GM Pro is now available with a much more pronounced sharpened carbide tip for even better traction. You can buy Woodys stud kits with the nuts and backers all in one package or customize the backer shape and color to match your ride or accent it accordingly.

If you have another track option and have opted for studs you’re going to need to make sure you proportion the grip you’re getting up front so you don’t mess up your sled’s handling and cause it to push too much.

To accomplish this, check out Woody’s Ace carbides because they feature a unique host bar design that are excellent help in keeping your long track, deep lug or studded 50/50 sled tracking where you want it to go without becoming too heavy up front.

Visit woodystraction.com to see all of Woody’s products.

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