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The latest trend in sled haulers is the narrower stance, longer, drop axle, enclosed platform. United Expressline offer this configuration in 27 foot lengths allowing four sleds to be carried in a staggered pattern.

The advantages of this set-up are numerous. Conventional over-axle sled haulers require the trailer to be raised above the wheels. This makes for a shorter but taller and wider trailer. The drop axle 27 footer pictured here is incredibly easy to tow because it’s narrow and low.

The trailer is a snap to back up and there’s tangible enhancement of the trailer’s stability, especially in side winds and when things get a little “loose” as Carl Edwards would say.

United offers deluxe interior packages including fully lined walls and ceiling, kick panels and beaver tails for easy loading. If you were a snowmobile, wouldn’t you want to be inside one of these United haulers?

Visit and call 1-800-637-2592 for more information.

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