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As the snowmobiling season draws to a close and we’re preparing our sleds for summer storage. It’s important to follow these simple procedures to ensure your snowmobile is in top condition for the first sign of snow next season.

• Clean all areas with mild soap and warm water to completely remove salt and dirt
• Lube steering and suspension parts to limit corrosion
• Shut fuel off; drain carburetor bowls and fuel tank. Fog the motor to avoid rust and corrosion
• Remove the drive belt and store it somewhere cool and dry where you can to find it next season
• Wipe the clutch sleeves with a light rust protector to avoid oxidation
• Drain chain case oil and inspect chain and sprocket condition. Replace if necessary
• Elevate and safely support machine with track and skis off the ground to minimize spring fatigue
• Store sled in a well ventilated area and cover machine with fabric tarp or snowmobile cover. Don’t use plastic or coated materials as they may promote corrosion and oxidation.

Aside from using our Pogo Lift to perform regular maintenance, it is ideal for storing snowmobiles. Certified with an 800 lb lift capacity and equipped with swivel and locking casters that make moving on floors safe and easy, the Pogo Lift will free up valuable space in your garage to make more room for your summer toys.

Also look for the POGO LIFT snowmobile service arm kit that holds your sled up from beneath the tunnel boards freeing up the track for easy access to the suspension or for performing track maintenance.

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