Schmidt Bros Motorsports Phazer Dual Exhaust

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Schmidt Bros Motorsports (SBM) offers dual and single exhaust systems for 2007 and up Yamaha Phazers.

These exhausts claim to add as much as five horsepower and reduce overall weight by up to 9 lbs. Sound levels are close to stock but have a refined raspy note and no mid to top end blat.

No mapping modifications are required however SBM recommends its cold air intakes and a tunnel closer kit available from SBM for a minimal cost.

SBM exhaust systems have a durable coating that’s available in 6 color options. The end cap stingers are removable for repacking and are constructed of high quality stainless steel available in brushed or polished finish.

The dual exhaust retails for $699.99 US and the single exhaust system retails for $399.99 US.

Visit and call 989-756-2150 to inquire about the 13 different products available for your Yamaha Phazer.

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