New Polaris AF-1 Helmet With Anti-Fog Performance

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Press Release –

Winning Performance cannot be bred in a laboratory setting. That’s why Polaris combined development work done in the Polaris engineering center with extensive real-world, on-snow testing to produce the new Polaris AF-1 Helmet, which provides riders with outstanding anti-fog performance.

Polaris engineers worked on the AF-1 in company engineering facilities to determine the best combination of designs, materials and shield coatings for this helmet. Their in-house development work was complemented by rigorous testing on the trails.

To create this helmet of the future, Polaris development specialists studied helmets currently regarded as state of the art. The team identified performance flaws and developed materials and designs to successfully prevent fogging. The result is the technologically advanced AF-1 – the future of anti-fog helmets.

Hard-riding Polaris engineers who log thousands of miles on their personal sleds in their free time became deeply involved in the AF-1 project. These riders cannot afford to have their shields fog up when they’re hundreds of miles from home, so they added their expertise to make the new AF-1 a helmet riders can trust to keep vision clear on every ride.

The AF-1’s PureSeal™ technology is incredibly effective at deflecting exhaled breath so it doesn’t reach the inside of the shield, which is a primary cause of fogging. The newly designed breath deflector has dual venturi exhaust vents to remove exhaled breath. The deflector adjusts to the rider’s face for a customized fit and delivers consistently reliable performance even during aggressive riding.

The shield of the AF-1 features an improved anti-fogging coating that resists fogging from any breath that might escape the deflector and also features anti-scratch properties to keep the shield clear.

The AF-1 has a tough, protective alloy polycarbonate shell and a multi-layer EPS lining for impact protection. Its Nylex liner is removable and washable, the “Quiet Ride” interior enhances a rider’s experience, and there are adjustable crown (top of helmet) and chin vents.

The AF-1 has earned Snell M2005 certification and is DOT-approved. It is available in Red, Blue, or Silver, each with exciting graphics, for an MSRP of $159.99 US/$204.99 CAN. It also comes in all-black at an MSRP of $154.99 U.S./$199.99 CAN. It is available in sizes S-3XL from Polaris snowmobile dealers or at

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