Set Your Phazer To Stun

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Your Mom will hate it. If that isn’t a strong enough endorsement of the new Phazer, we don’t know what is. With one glance, you know loud and clear Yamaha has targeted its newest model at Gen Y buyers.

Its front end chops off abruptly ahead of the windshield leaving A-frames, tie rods and sway bar naked to the elements. For protection there’s an ATV style nerf bar at the front and a hood the size of your helmet’s peak.

At the rear the pencil thin motocross style seat is jacked above the tunnel and… what’s this? The tunnel stamping has giant slots cut into its top so you’re looking directly at the top of the track through it. The hooker handlebars and tall riser are home to an IPOD style digital instrument cluster the size of a pack of Winstons.

If looks alone can intimidate, the Phazer’s styling corps can be credited with creating a sled with the nastiest, most raw boned aura of any snowmobile ever mass produced.

It’s agile, athletic and threatening at the same time…like Lance Armstrong wielding a battle axe.

Read all about the 2007 Yamaha Phazer in Volume 17, Number 4 of Supertrax International – available on newstands now!

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