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TOTALTEK KY will start producing a completely new snowmobile shock brand under its own brand name in Rovaniemi. The shock components will come from high quality suppliers in Western Europe and the shock design is done in a close co-operation between Totaltek and a group of the best suspension engineers in the world. The first racing teams will get their shocks in December and the TOTALTEK shocks will be available to the other customers in January 2011.

TOTALTEK started their work on suspension as an Öhlins dealer and service shop in 1988. They moved one step higher in 1998 when starting as a WP Suspension distributor in Finland. The last five years Totaltek has been deeply involved in the design and testing process of WP snowmobile shocks. This year it became possible for Totaltek to start the production of a completely new shock range under their own brand name when some of the most experienced development engineers in suspension business decided to start their own company in Holland.

TRACTIVE SUSPENSION is a brand new name in the world of high end aftermarket shock absorber manufacturers, however the combined suspension experience of the engineers at Tractive counts more than 75 years. Tractive is founded by a team of Dutch suspension engineers responsible for many successful snowmobile applications together with Totaltek in the past years. The people behind Tractive have also broad experience in F1, MOTOGP, GPMX and applications like high-end touring motorbikes. In all those projects the engineers gathered valuable experience designing excellent shocks at the lowest possible weight. Today Tractive stands for attractive products providing superior traction control, high functionality, adjustability and modern design.

Closer than ever, the cooperation has been between Seppo Tiittanen, founder of Totaltek, and Tractive Suspension while designing the new Aftermarket Snowmobile Shock Product Line. Totaltek shocks are designed for snowmobiling and they are not just motorcycle shock fitted to a snowmobile chassis. Their design takes advantage of Totaltek’s long experience with racing snowmobile shocks as well as Tractive Suspension staff’s deep understanding of the laws of suspension physics and real life shock absorber applications.

Totaltek shocks have new and fresh design ideas which will bring them right to the top of the sport fighting for the “best shock in the market” title. The shocks look hyper technical and are manufactured from CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel parts with special coatings. The inside damping components are based on proven high-end technologies. All shocks will have 46 mm pistons and almost without exception piggyback reservoirs.

Most of the models will have three adjustment knobs and many of them also a position sensitive damping system with dual pistons. They are easy to work with and respond in a logical way to the setting changes. Totaltek shocks will be available in three settings; “Sport” for trail riding, “Enduro” for enduro racing and “Cross” for snowcross.

NIKO KORSUMÄKI RACING is the third important partner in the Totaltek snowmobile shock development project. Niko Korsumäki will spend a large part of his coming winter developing the damping setups of new Totaltek shock models. He will go testing with racing teams in all Scandinavian countries and with his personal help and Totaltek shocks the best snowcross riders in the Europe will gain even more speed. The first reaction from the field has been very promising. At least Jussi Honka, Petter Nårsa, Magnus Lindbäck and Eetu Karjalainen have decided to use Totaltek snowmobile shocks in the coming season.

“This is a great opportunity for us to become the manufacturer of the best ever snowmobile shocks” says Seppo Tiittanen, the owner of Totaltek Ky. “It was time to take the big step and turn our dreams into reality but without the great help from Tractive staff it would never have been possible for us to reach our target”. Now the decision is made and wheels will be turning fast from now on. There will be an interesting winter coming for Totaltek and all of our customers.

About Totaltek Ky: TOTALTEK Ky is a family business owned by Seppo Tiittanen. It has specialized in motorsport products which improve the handling of a vehicle. They produce Totaltek Carbide Runners and import WP Suspension shocks absorbers to Finland. Totaltek’s business idea is not to grow big but to remain a small and friendly company which sells their products to experienced and demanding snowmobile enthusiasts and racing teams all over Europe. Their address is Totaltek Ky, Nikkarinkuja 8, 96910 Rovaniemi, FINLAND and they can be reached by phone at +358 16 364 374, by fax at +358 16 364 384 and by e-mail at Their website is at

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